A girl wades into the waters of Ocean View Beach Park in Norfolk, Va., as a storm approaches the coast. The Ocean View community, where the Chesapeake Bay merges with the Atlantic, is extremely susceptible to weather and often, streets and houses will flood with enough rain. 
 A car braves through the flooded waters near the Hague, an area of Norfolk that floods with nearly every rainfall. 
 Gov. McAuliffe and Gov. Hogan speak after the 2017 Chesapeake Bay Executive Council Meeting, held in the Maryland State House in Annapolis, Md., on Thursday, June 8. At the meeting, representatives from the six Chesapeake Bay watershed states, the District of Columbia and the Chesapeake Bay Commission signed a resolution that calls upon the President and United States Congress to continue the current level of federal support for the Chesapeake Bay Program.
 A girl and her father wade through the flooded waters of The Hague as the Elizabeth River in Norfolk spills over onto the sidewalks. 
 Stanley Cuffee fishes off Ocean View Fishing Pier in Norfolk. Cuffee has lived in Norfolk most of his life and has seen as much change. "The flooding scares me more than it used to," said Cuffee. 
 Chris Snow, the stewardship coordinator of the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, carries a young barn owl from its home in a bird house in Monie Bay in Somerset County, Md., to be measured and banded. In recent decades, barn owl populations have declined across the country. This is believed to be from loss of habitat, some of which is due to sea level rise in marshes. 
 A couple fishes off Ocean View Fishing Pier in Norfolk as a storm approaches.
 Herbert Bryant plays his trombone while watching the sun rise across the beach. Bryant, who has lived in Hampton Roads, Va., all his life, comes to the beach often to practice playing and worshipping before heading to church. "I've lived here all my life and I've only seen things get worse," Bryant said of the flooding in his community. 
 Water from the Lafayette River spills over into the streets of the Larchmont in Norfolk.
 Bryant watches the sunrise over Ocean View Beach in Norfolk.
 The sun sets over the Elizabeth River, seen from the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge. The river is a six-mile tidal estuary that runs through Norfolk before reaching the Chesapeake Bay. 
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