Timothy Kercheville is a landless farmer and agricultural consultant in Bowling Green, Ky., attempting to find pathways for farming without land ownership. Kercheville works with other organizations, such as the International Center of Kentucky, to educate others and instill more value in agriculture in the community. Video by Skyler Ballard

A short documentary as part of the 2018 Mountain Workshops in Mt. Sterling, KY.

ROLE: Assistant cinematographer & editor

A visual interpretation of Ada Limon's poem, "The Rewilding," about growing up alongside the land, the cows, and the cornstalks of rural Kentucky.

Words by Ada Limon, voice by my mother, video by me

The cheesiest little love letter to colorado and the people I got to see it with this summer (and also to maggie rogers)

After some careful deliberation, six months of planning and staring at Google maps, and a fear that he would regret it if he didn't at least try, Mike Lempko decided to embark on a journey across the country on rollerblades.

Video by Skyler Ballard, The Denver Post

People gather in Civic Center Park in downtown Denver for the annual Independence Eve celebration, complete with musical performances, a light show, and fireworks.

Video by Skyler Ballard, The Denver Post

Fitness pioneer John Gillingham, age 90, attended his last fitness class in George Wallace Park to mark his 90th birthday. Gillingham was part of JFK's President's Council on Physical Fitness, ran the first documented men and women's aerobics class at the downtown Denver YMCA, and led the Denver Broncos in aerobics in the early 80s.

Video by Skyler Ballard, The Denver Post

One of the most iconic airplanes from World War II, the B-25 Mitchell “Maid in the Shade,” made a stop at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Broomfield, Colorado, as part of its Summer Flying Legends of Victory Tour across the U.S. and Canada. World War II veteran Len Estrin, an 8th A.F., 384th B.G., 546th Squadron with 17 missions as a ball turret gunner, joined for the flight.

Video by Skyler Ballard, The Denver Post 

Denver Comic Con returns to the Colorado Convention Center June 15-17.

Video by Skyler Ballard, The Denver Post

Jonathan Stovall dedicated his second chance at life to teaching fourth grade math and science at Parker-Bennet-Curry Elementary School.

Shot for my intermediate multimedia storytelling class in 2016.