"The excitement that comes from being so high in the air, up in the clouds like this, is my favorite thing about flying," said Vernon, who pointed out landmarks every few minutes to his son as they flew over their hometown. Vernon has owned his pilot's license since his early twenties, and has never stopped flying since.
 My grandpa�s leathered skin and soft eyes are brighter than most and have seen more sorrow. They've seen twelve presidents, a world war that took his father away, a civil rights movement,  the stoplight in town be put up then taken back down again when there was no longer a need for it. His hands have helped give birth to hundreds of calves and have carried both his parents� caskets. Now, at 72, with three children, seven grandchildren, all gone, spread across the country, the future of his land is uncertain. He reckons it isn�t time to worry. He reckons he�ll just work this land till he dies. He reckons they'll be buried together.
 Sister Lucy Bonifas, 78
 Opening Campfire
 Shyama Iyer is a sophomore at Western Kentucky University, studying musical theater.
Park View Court, Edmonson County
(Photo by Skyler Ballard)